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Wining & Dining in Protaras

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Over the Past 3000 years, Cyprus has seen various rulers, invaders, foreign settlers and traders come and go.

Traces of different civilisations are evident in the local culture, and even the islands cuisine could not remain immune to foreign influences.

A closer look at traditional Cypriot dishes will reveal an overlap of well known flavours originating in Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Syria, Italy and even France

The island turbulent past has taught the local population especially in rural areas, to be self sufficient.

Most families used to produce their own  foods, such as 'puorgouri' (cracked wheat), 'halloumi' cheese, bread and smoked cured pork.

Other common products included cereals, olive oil and wine, which were stored in 'pitharia', which are the oversized onion-shaped terracotta pots that still adorn the countryside.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, fruit and vegetables have always been abundant in Cyprus.

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