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Eating out, a highlight of every holiday, is a good way to sample local flavours.

Choose one of the many reputable taverns, and if the menu seems daunting, just order a 'meze', which will allow you to nibble on a full range of traditional specialities, all in one sitting!

'Meze' is short for 'mezedhes', ie tidbits, and is a gastronomic experience that appears in some form or other throughout the Mediterranean region.

Share a meze in Cyprus and you have tasted the true flavours of the island.

Depending on the tavern, a meze could include up to 30 miniature dishes!

Since they are not all served at once, dont be tempted to finish every dish that arrives on the table, or you may not be able to enjoy the final offerings, which are often the best.

Once your meze is ordered, what can you expect to eat?

First comes the olives, black and green, together with various dips, a basket of fresh village bread and a bowl of village salad.

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